Conversations with a Fool and William Shakespeare

Conversations With A Fool

“Hello there, old sport!” “Erm, are you talking to me?” “Yes, yes, of course I am talking to you. Who else is here on this godforsaken pier at this godforsaken hour, you godforsaken fool?” “Hey, there’s no need to be rude you know. Hmph.” “Oh, do not walk away, good sir. I apologize. My tongue Read more about Conversations With A Fool[…]

Shadows of the Past by Pritesh Patil

Shadows of the Past

The rain was beating down harshly on the city of Mumbai despite it being the month of November. The weather had progressively gotten weirder with every passing day in the past week. I sat in my apartment slash office above my grandpa’s spice shop in the suburbs watching the raindrops smatter and die against the Read more about Shadows of the Past[…]