November 26, 2019

The Climate Crisis Anthology

Folks, we’re curating an SFF anthology for charity: Namely towards the cause of the Climate Crisis and saving our future. All proceeds will go to an organisation working towards that goal (we’re still vetting to find out the best one We’ve come down to 5 out of the 50+ we have researched in the last few weeks, the names are shared at the end of the post. We’ll be finalizing one of them).

To that end, we’re looking at Urban Fantasy and High Fantasy stories dealing with worlds facing extinction level events, cities and lands recovering from the apocalypse, civilization and survival in the wake of Armageddon, dystopia, and the battle of humanity for survival in a broken world. We’re looking for drama, for characters, for monsters and demons, adventure, magic and everything that you can cook up to create a story which hits the reader to the heart and wakes them up to one of the greatest threats of our times.

It is an entirely voluntary anthology geared towards charity, so it is unpaid, but we’re hoping to raise awareness and money and do our bit to help the world. After all, it’s the fight for our future. How can we not play a part?

So, if you want to save the world one word at a time, write that story and send it over to us on

Rights and Reprints: Not looking at reprints right now, unless it meshes perfectly with the theme of the anthology. Beyond that, we’re looking at exclusive rights for a period of one year, after which they will revert to the author, and non-exclusive rights to host them on the website. 

Hopefully the future will look at the past and say we made a little bit of a difference. Let’s save the friggin’ world through the power of stories.

#CallingAllWriters #StorytellersAssemble

P.S. – All contributors will get a copy of the book once it’s out.

Deadline for entries: 31st December 2019.
Word count: 3000 to 7000 words.
Email them to us on:

Background about why climate change: We’re from India. We’ve started seeing the effects of the crisis in many hazardous ways this year. Cyclones, continuous, unseasonal rains, crazy smog in the capital of Delhi which has spiralled to Dystopian levels, metros like Chennai having a water crisis, etc, and of course, a government and PM who does not believe in climate change.

So this is our small bit to aid the effort of combating the crisis.