Knight of Time by Pritesh Patil

Knight of Time: Sneak Peek

Knight of Time:

Gandhi and his followers massacred all who dared stand against them. He drove the colonists out with fire and blood. Hitler was a firm proponent of non-violence and won the Nobel Peace Prize. His work enriched the lives of millions, bringing Europe under a single banner.

Julius Caesar ascended to God-King, as he mutilated Brutus, Cassius and three score people by the Senate. Rome was his to rule for eternity. He burned his descendant Nero in the forum for daring to go against him.

On Halloween, the Dark Lord killed the prophesied Hero, casting his dominion over all the lands, a shadowed pall spreading over land and under sea.

Xerxes and his Persians defeated the Grecians in a fell swoop, bringing peace to a land tormented by the Spartans, freeing the people chained with blood magic and cruel sorcery.

The Titans won the Blood War. Zeus was chained to a mountain. Cursed forever; a legion of vultures would feed on him, yet he would remain undying. Fresh meat for the carrion birds every day. Hera was cast down into the dank depths of Tartarus. Poseidon and Hades were thrown into the world of mortals, cursed with misfortune; their hopes to turn to ash. Kronos ruled supreme.

The Rakshas fled the old holy lands as the Gods of Asia rose to a frenzied madness, slaughtering all in their way. Rivers ran red with blood, foaming as they cascaded into the open seas, cursing the water with the blood of the fallen.

In a place where Space had no meaning, the aspect of Time, Chronos, was pulled from beyond the veil, and cast down on those jagged rocks overlooking a crimson sea, a sea stretching to the horizon and beyond. A land of madness, despair and death. A desecrated land, where even the Unending, Undying, Immortals could die.

And there the Old Ones descended upon Chronos in wild fury, that ancient enemy who had thwarted them at every turn, and they fed…Oh how they fed…

Thus, passed Chronos, Lord of Time, He-Who-Was-Infinite.


…And in a land faraway, where Time had stopped, the skies had opened, and the Old Ones returned, victorious, raining hellfire and black-death on the hapless denizens of Gaia.

There, by the shores of the burning sea, by the light of the slowly dying Sun, amidst the agonized screams of falling humanity, the Knight of Time turned back the Clock once again, and the world blinked out of existence, perhaps for the last time.


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