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Outer Space Communication Activities: Key Takeaways

What’s the connection between the fictional city of R’lyeh, Space Communication and Storytelling? They’re all connected to Media Activities for the modern-day Space Race. In fact, R’lyeh is quite close to Point Nemo, the Oceanic Pole of Inaccessibility, also known as the ‘Spacecraft Cemetery.’ Funnily enough, in a case of Life imitating art, the former …

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Lights of London

Lights of London

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you, luv”. The man in the black suit turned towards the dark corner of the London alley.  His movement was calm, unhurried, but his muscles were taut, ready to react at the slightest hint of movement. The streetlight fell at an awkward angle there, and the shadows of …

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Eyeballs by Pritesh Patil


Aindrila was an aspiring author, a talented one even, but after her first taste of success, she yearned for even more. But in those days success was hard to come by, and the ones who spent the most money got the most eyeballs. Her writing was pure, her muse was happy, but Aindrila wasn’t content with the …

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